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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take photos and video?

Photos can be taken anytime during the show. Video photography can only be taken with prior permission. We will advise on the recording of video when making a booking. We reserve the right to decline the use of video recording. All performances are copyright protected and video footage taken cannot be used in any way other than private family viewing without prior written permission from Simon Skinner.

How much space do you need for Children's shows?

An area 3 – 4 metres wide by 2 metre depth is ok for most birthday party shows. Wider area for larger events.

How much set-up time is required?

Our Children’s show requires 15-30 minutes to set-up. We prefer to prepare the show away from the children if possible.

Roving Close-up magic requires no set-up time.

Indoors or Outdoors?

When performing our full production Children’s shows we prefer to work indoors when possible or in outdoor enclosed areas where there is no wind. If your venue is a park or similar exposed outdoor location then we will adapt the show accordingly. Please note use of our backdrop is not suitable for some outdoor shows due to weather issues. If you are booking Roving Children’s Close-up Magic and/or Balloon Modelling, then any location indoors or outdoors is ok.

How long is your performance?

Most bookings are for a one hour duration. Our Children’s show and Balloon Modelling packages are for one hour. Roving Close-up Magic packages start at one hour and up to four hours for larger events.

Do you have special packages for longer durations of entertainment?

Yes. We have special rates for booking durations longer than one hour.

Do you perform Family shows for all ages?

Yes we have show formats for everyone from 3-103+ year olds!

What is your contact information and what are your contact hours?

You can call seven days a week on (08) 8264 4491 or 0410 762500 between 9am and 7pm. If unavailable or performing, we will contact you promptly as soon as possible. You can email us anytime.

Magic performance durations & cost?

We have different package rates for Aces Magic Show and or Balloon Twisting. Roving Close-up magic at corporate and private events is booked by the hour. ACES Magic Show & Teach-a-Trick segment is one-hour duration.

Please contact us with your details and we will provide you a quote?

Does Simon have working with children clearance?

Simon has a Current DCSI Working with Children Check

Document available on request.

Does Simon have public liability insurance?

Simon has a $30 000 000 Public Liability insurance Policy

Document available on request.

If I have to cancel, is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are not refundable but are transferable to a future booking.

Late notice to cancel event refund policy?

If a booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event then the full amount paid at that time is non-refundable but will be transferable to a future booking unless the cancellation is caused by a bad weather outdoor event that would allow for a full refund.

What if bad whether causes a cancelled outdoor event. Is there a refund?

In the event of bad weather causing an event to be cancelled then a full refund will be received.